Would You Lie for The Company ?

Harshitha Said:

No sir, I can’t lie for the company because, from my childhood I always trusted in the truth. Truth may be bitter for some time but it always gives positive results and so I believe in truth. A company will also get trusted only when it maintains its

Who Has Inspired You in Your Life and Why ?

Karishma Said:

My inspiration is my mother. She is an illiterate but she is very active person and enthusiastic to learn new things in life. During my schooling, she also started to learn and write the English language and now she is able to read and write English very

What Are Your Outside Interests ?

Deepthi Said:

My outside interest is listening to classical music as I always feel happy and refresh when I listen to classical music. Other than listening music, my interests are reading books and playing chess. I also spend my time in cooking and I always try new kind of

What Are Your Career Options Right Now ?

Mani Said:

At present, my option is to get selected in a top most IT company like yours so that I can improve my technical skills. After training program, I am looking to get a best position in this company so that I can prove my ability at my level best for the growth of

Explain How Would Be An Asset To This Organization ?

Karthik Said:

First of all, I want to tell you about the skills I got. From my childhood, I believe in my inner self and attained a lot of success in the life at every stage. I learnt to fight and win with difficulties and so I can say you strongly that I face any kind of

What Makes You Angry ?

Harish Said:

From my childhood I have to be angry at many situations but now I am able to control my anger. In my intermediate I started practicing yoga and there I learned that anger always leads to waste of energy. So I got used to be stay calm and peace in most of the

How Long Would You Expect to Work for Us if Hired ?

Sai Said:

If you hire me, then this will be my first company and so I will learn and grow with this company. If this company provides me a good work environment and always supports me then I will not look for any other company.


Give Me An Example of Your Creativity ?

Bhuvana Said:

In my schooling, we had a science exhibition where everyone needs to execute one’s own experiment. That was the first time, I thought of a good idea with which I got a lot of applause in my school. I have demonstrated about how to use the plastic to make a

Describe Your Ideal Company, Location and Job ?

Dinesh Said:

According to me:

An ideal company is the one which gives good respect for their employees and always makes them comfortable at work.

An ideal location is where we can locate ourselves with satisfaction and ideal job refers to good work

Are Not You Overqualified for This Position ?

Farhan Said:

Sir, I am not at all over-qualified for this job. I always look to improve my knowledge all the time and so I don’t think I am over-qualified for this position. Job always makes us to learn new things for the growth of our career and I strongly believe in