AP DSC English Online Test – Practice & Model Question Paper

AP DSC mock test of SGT/ SA for English subject can be practiced here. AP DSC TET cum TRT model questions 2018 will help candidates to practice before exam. AP DSC Quiz has questions based on the AP DSC 2018 exam pattern and previous year question papers.

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AP DSC Online Test

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AP DSC online mock test will carry 1 mark for each question. Candidates have to choose one option among the 4 options. After completing the online mock test, click on submit button to get test result along with score.

1. The river was spanned by ___________ Iron bridge


2. Kalam is __________ honourable man


3. Let us discuss _________ matter seriously


4. Varanasi is ___________ holy city


5. Draw a map of __________ India


6. He said to her “Are you coming to party” ?


7. “Please don’t do away”, she said


8. He said, “where shall I be this time next year”.


9. The Chairman approved ____________ my suggestion


10. I must applogize _____________ you


11. I am tired ____________ writing to him


12. He was accused _________ murder


13. Sheela is one of the best singers in twin cities – change into (P.D)


14. The Pacific is deeper than any other Ocean – change into S.D


15. He is a person of very noble nature


16. I shall remain where I am


17. ‘Of the people’ is a


18. Do you like swim ?


19. A friend in need is a friend in deed ( ) the Adj Phrase is


20. The adverb of “at an early date” is



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