AP DSC Online English Test – English Practice/Model Questions For SGT & SA

AP DSC English Online Quiz : AP DSC 2018 TET cum TRT exam online practice questions are given below. AP DSC 2018 SGT /SA question paper, will have questions from different subjects. English subject questions can be practiced here. We have prepared ‘AP DSC quiz’ subject wise as per exam pattern and considering AP DSC Previous Year Papers.

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AP DSC Online Test

Each question carries one mark. Candidates must choose one option among the given
four options for each question. Only one option is correct among the 4 options and will
be given 1 mark for each correct answer. There will not be any mark for the unattempt
questions. After completing the AP DSC Mock test, candidates should click on submit
button to check the score and test result.

  1. He was a natural motivator

2. Murali is quite rich yet he is unhappy


3. He heard of this through me


4. I did not like that book


5. Besides being sent to prison, he was fined


6. It is raining heavily __________ ?


7. You won’t come home today __________ ?


8. Meera never drinks tea _____________


9. Let us go for a picnic ___________


10. I did not post the letter ___________


11. By whom has the glass been broken


12. Let him do the work, the passive voice is


13. Don’t disturb me, passive voice is


14. No one completed the work, change in to P.V.


15. How did the polilce catch the thief, change into P.V.


AP DSC 2018 Syllabus


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