AP DSC English Online Test – English Practice/Model Questions For SGT & SA

AP DSC Online English Quiz : AP DSC online practice test will help candidates to know their preparation level. AP DSC 2018 question paper will be conducted online. AP DSC model Questions 2018 online will allow candidates to practice before the exam. Mock test of SGT/ SA of English subject can be practiced here. AP DSC model question papers 2018, DSC SGT/SA online mock test will help candidates to practice and get familiar with AP DSC online exam.

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Each question carries 1 mark, candidate has to select one option among the 4 given options. Each correct answer will fetch 1 mark and unanswered questions will not be given any mark. After finishing AP DSC mock test of SGT/SA 2018 , candidate has to click on submit button to check the test score/ result

1. Which is the lexical verb of the following ?


2. Which is the base form of the verb in the following ?


3. Which of the following is present participle of verb ?


4. Verbs which can indicate number and tense are known as


5. A verb which doesn’t pass over an object is called


6. He__________ the work before we reached the garage


7. If I had money, I ___________ a car


8. When I saw him he ___________ chess


9. She ____________ three songs so far


10. We __________ till you are ready


11. I am having a book


12. Neither of the boys are clever


13. If it will rain, the match will be cancelled


14. The negative sentence to, she likes music


15. They __________ the project yet


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