JEE Advanced Syllabus 2019, Exam Pattern

JEE Advanced Syllabus 2019 : JEE Advanced 2019 exam pattern and schedule has been released by IIT Roorkee. JEE Advanced 2019 exam will be held on all India basis on Sunday, 19 May 2019 in two different sessions i.e. morning and afternoon. If you have qualified JEE Main 2019 then you must apply to JEE Advanced 2019. Very soon, registration portal will come up with activated links to apply.

Candidates who apply to JEE Advanced 2019 will have to appear in both Paper 1 & Paper 2. Both papers will be held on the same day but in different sessions. Paper 1 is scheduled in Session 1 [morning] which will start from 09:00 am and ends at 12:00 noon. Paper 2 is scheduled in Session 2 [afternoon] which will be conducted from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Candidates who want to join the B. Arch. (Architecture) program available at IIT Roorkee and IIT Kharagpur will also have to qualify the Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT). It will be held on June 14, 2019. But to appear in AAT 2019, firstly, candidates will have to qualify JEE Advanced 2019.

Being an aspirant of JEE Advanced 2019, you must have knowledge on JEE Advanced 2019 exam pattern. It will help you in knowing types of questions to be asked in JEE Advanced 2019, medium & mode of the exam, marking scheme etc.

JEE Advanced 2019 Exam Pattern

Exact JEE Advanced 2019 exam pattern is still not disclosed by organizing institute i.e. IIT Roorkee. It is so because there’s no fixed exam pattern. The number of questions, total marks and marks for each question / numerical vary every year. Exact details of the marking scheme to be followed in JEE Advanced 2019 will be provided in the “Instructions to Candidates” section at the time of examination.

JEE Advanced Exam Pattern

JEE Advanced 2019 Questions Papers

  • There will be 2 question papers – Paper 1 & Paper 2; both are compulsory
  • Each paper shall be of 3-hours’ time duration
  • Both Paper 1 & Paper 2 shall be in Hindi & English languages
  • Both papers will have objective type questions set to evaluate reasoning, comprehension & analytical ability of candidates
  • Questions in both papers will be distributed in three separate sections / parts, viz., Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry
  • There will be also a rule of negative marking for few of the questions

JEE Advanced 2019 Mode Of Examination

This examination shall be held only in the online mode i.e. a Computer Based Test [CBT]. At the time of examination, every student will be allotted a computer having welcome login screen for the CBT. To login, a candidate will have to enter and submit his / her JEE Advanced 2019 roll no. and date of birth.

After login, candidates will have to read the detailed instructions including details on type of questions and marking scheme. Before answering questions, candidates will have to select his / her preferred language (either Hindi or English).

JEE Advanced Syllabus 2019

  • Chemistry

Physical chemistryInorganic chemistryOrganic chemistry
General topics like Dalton’s atomic theory, Concept of atoms and molecules, balanced chemical equations etc.Preparation and properties of Oxides, peroxides, hydroxides, carbonates, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulphates of
sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium etc.
Gaseous and liquid statesIsolation / preparation and properties of phosphorus, oxygen, sulphur, boron, silicon, nitrogen and halogens etc.Preparation, properties and reactions of alkanes
Atomic structure and chemical bondingTransition elements (3d series)Preparation, properties and reactions of alkenes and alkynes
EnergeticsPreparation and properties ofPotassium permanganate, potassium dichromate, silver oxide, silver
nitrate, silver thiosulphate etc.
Reactions of benzene
Chemical equilibriumOres and mineralsPhenols
ElectrochemistryExtractive metallurgyCharacteristic reactions of Alkyl halides, Alcohols etc.
Chemical kineticsPrinciples of qualitative analysisCarbohydrates
Solid state-Amino acids and peptides
Solutions-Properties and uses of Natural rubber, cellulose, nylon, teflon and PVC
Surface chemistry-Practical organic chemistry
Nuclear chemistry--

JEE Advanced Syllabus

  • Mathematics

UnitsTopics / Syllabi
AlgebraLogarithms and their properties, Quadratic equations, Permutations and combinations, Algebra of complex numbers, addition, multiplication etc.
Matricestranspose of a matrix, symmetric and
skew-symmetric matrices and their properties, equality of matrices, addition,
multiplication by a scalar and product of matrices etc.
ProbabilityBayes Theorem, multiplication and addition rules of probability etc.
TrigonometryTrigonometric functions with periodicity and graphs, addition and subtraction
formulae etc.
Analytical geometryCartesian coordinates, equations of a parabola, equations of tangent, normal and chord etc.
Differential calculuscomposite functions, absolute value, polynomial, rational, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions etc.
Integral calculusIntegration by parts, definite integrals and their properties, fundamental theorem of integral calculus etc.
Vectorsscalar multiplication, addition of vectors etc.
  • Physics

UnitsSyllabus / Topics
Generaldimensional analysis, Young’s modulus by Searle’s method, Verification of Ohm’s law using voltmeter and ammeter, Speed of sound using
resonance column etc.
MechanicsNewton’s laws of motion, Law of gravitation, Pascal’s law, Hooke’s law, Young’s modulus etc.
Thermal physicsStefan’s law, Wien’s displacement law, Kirchhoff’s law, Blackbody radiation, Isothermal and adiabatic processes,, Newton’s law of cooling etc.
Electricity and magnetismBiot–Savart’s law and Ampere’s law, Electromagnetic induction, Magnetic moment of a current loop, Electric current, Capacitance, Coulomb’s law, Flux of electric field etc.
OpticsHuygen’s principle, Total internal reflection, Rectilinear propagation of light, Combinations of mirrors and thin lenses etc.
Modern physicsBohr’s theory of hydrogen-like atoms, Atomic nucleus, Law of radioactive decay, Fission and fusion
processes etc.

JEE Advanced 2019 Overview

Event nameJEE Advanced 2019
TypeEntrance test for several Engineering programs
Registration datesWill be updated soon
Mode of application / registrationOnline
Admit card downloading schedule-
JEE Advanced 2019 exam shall be onSunday, May 19, 2019
Exam modeOnline [CBT]
Answer keys will be displayed at on
Final results will be announced on-

AAT Exam Pattern 2019

Passing in the Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT) 2019 shall be compulsory for only those candidates who want to take admission to the B. Arch. (Architecture) program offered at IIT Roorkee and IIT Kharagpur. It will be conducted only at the 7 zonal coordinating IITs. There is only a single paper of 3-hours’ duration. Question paper shall be available only in English language.

AAT Syllabus 2019

  • Freehand drawing
  • Geometrical drawing
  • Three-dimensional perception
  • Imagination and aesthetic sensitivity
  • Architectural awareness

AAT 2019 Overview

Mode of application / registration for AATOnline
Dates for registration for AATWill be updated soon
Architecture Aptitude Test shall be on-
Declaration of AAT Results-
Portal for AAT Registration

About JEE Advanced 2019

JEE Advanced 2019 will be a national level entrance test for admission to several academic programs offered at IITs. Along with IITs, few centrally funded institutes like IISc, RGIPT, IISERs etc. will also use JEE (Advanced) ranks for admissions.

JEE Advanced 2019 is organized by IIT Roorkee. It will be held in the following cities and towns in India – Panaji, Bhuj, Faridabad, Vadodara, Naharlagun, Tezpur, Mysuru, Jammu, Bhagalpur, Pune, Ajmer, Mumbai, Bhopal, Indore, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kochi etc.


1.What Is The Date For JEE Advanced 2019?

A. JEE Advanced 2019 will be conducted on Sunday, May 19, 2019 in two sessions.

2. From Where I Can Get Marking Scheme?

A. Exact marking scheme will be mentioned in the “Instructions to Candidates” section at the time of examination.

3. What If I Will Not Appear In JEE Advanced 2019 Paper 2?

A. Your candidature would be cancelled and you will be disqualified.

4. What Will Be The Time Duration Of Paper 1?

A. Both Paper 1 and Paper 2 will be of 3 hours duration.

5. What Is The URL For Official Website Of JEE Advanced 2019?

A. Here’s the URL –


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